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She ensures that her finger is cut off instead of Aeryn’s, since she can re-attach it; while she suffers no permanent damage, she still voluntarily endures a lot of pain for Aeryn’s sake. Nosferatu in leather: Scorpius kills Mekken without a second thought when he threatens Chiana and Mujombre.

Tumii), David Field (Ho’Ock), Chris Mayer (Mekken), Sara Groen (Mujombre), Kelly Butler (Selva), Susan Prior (Kiryah) Synopsis: Moya has come to Khatanan, a planet in Tormented Space where she can be fitted with a filter that will protect her from potentially lethal radiation.More About This EXPERT INSPECTION AND REPAIR - Our staff of eight repairmen sees that all instruments are properly restored and set up in optimum playing order including set-up.For safe shipping, strings are loosened, moveable bridges on guitars and mandolins may be removed, and banjo necks may be separated from bodies.There are three types of mollusc—purple, green and yellow.The cure for poisoning by each type requires another mollusc of the same type.

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