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If you are a huge Star Trek fan, I’m sure you know that trekkie dating can be tough.

It’s hard to find a fellow trekkie, much less one you are compatible enough with to want to see more than once.

This no-man’s-land has turned into a minefield for single women trying to hustle their way up the corporate ladder. Hines, an educator, writer and commentator who focuses on the relationship between sexuality and culture, advises networkers, “Be clear from the beginning what your intended outcome is for the meeting.” The more specific, the better.

The waters are murky for men too, but as Ivan Misner, author of Business Networking and Sex: Not What You Think, notes, women encounter these situations “far more than men.” MORE: 5 toughest work conversations If you don’t want to find yourself on a date, make sure that that isn’t what you’re arranging. “So when you’re setting it up, express those outcomes.” The logistics of the meeting matter too.

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